Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My boys and I decorated for Halloween the other night. i was pulling out these cute ceramic decorations. You know, the glass jack o lanterns, and the whimsical witches shoes... Well, i was getting pretty excited about them... but not my boys.

They kept digging into the bin looking for "the cool stuff"... Want their definition of cool stuff??? plastic spiders, a bag of spider webs, and caution tape!

With Dad's help they spend the next 20 mins putting "caution... Beware" tape across every door in the house. And then the next 30 mins putting spider webs over everything...

Seriously? i'm never spending money on nice decor again when a bag of $.99 spider webs was enough for my kids! In retrospect, i suppose it's a good thing that my boys don't want the fancy stuff... that it's the little things in life that get them the most excited. And so, what they loved, i guess turns into my favorite things too. Sometimes, you just kind of wish that their favorite thing would sometimes be yours... (i worked hard sewing handmade pumpkins for the kitchen table!)


rachel said...

Fun! Love the decorations! Happy Halloween! How are you feeling?