Thursday, July 31, 2008


Not that anyone cares about my issue with shoes... but -

I work at a furniture warehouse. And if you've ever been to Tennessee in mid summer, you know how bloody hot it is. Well, the warehouse is not air conditioned so i sweat all day. Well, here is the dilemma with the shoes. I have sneakers that i can wear, or flip flops... Now, flip flops are a hundred times cooler to wear instead of sock and shoes... but, i fall out of them all the time when i'm carrying furniture or mattresses... so they don't work out so well. so, i've been looking for a sandal that has a back on it so i don't fall out of them at work. i had to have looked in a hundred different stores. (okay, so that's exaggerating a little bit) But, i couldn't find any. Either they didn't have any, or they were in the $100 range... (I'm really cheap... i would never spend that much money on shoes even if they lasted me the rest of my life...)

So, last resort i go to the outlet place. I find a pair of sandals that will work. They are the classic Teva sandals... not super cute, but they fit and work perfect... and they aren't too bad.... and they are on sale for $40!!! so, i decide to get them. i go to the cash register to finally purchase my shoes for work.... and my credit card was declined!!!!!! (are you kidding me!!!) So, i had to wait a week until payday... Finally, pay day arrives, and the first thing i do is head down to the store to pick up my shoes! I walk in.... and THEY SOLD OUT OF THEM!!!! (at this point i was sure that i was not supposed to have these shoes) i talked to the owner and he said he is out but that he would order me one. So, I had to wait another 10 days to get my sandals. (this is now about a 2 month process)

Okay, so this last week the 10 days were up and he called and i went and got my shoes. I was so excited about it! i put them on there at the store!

Now, wouldn't that be nice if that was the end of my story. OH NO. So, after my long awaited shoes... i can now be at work with sandals so i don't have to wear sock and shoes, and no more flip flops. I get two days of wearing them and i get big blisters on my feet! and to top it all off.... my husband hates them so bad, says they are so ugly that he doesn't want to be seen with them on me. YIKES!!!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Goals

Alright. Here it is... for those of you who don't know, i sell furniture in a warehouse... I answer the calls that come in from the classifieds and set up times to meet customers out at the warehouse. I've complained a few times before about the customers who are always running late...

Well, so here i am, out in the warehouse (which happens to be about 90 degrees out in there cause it surely isn't air conditioned.) I've got a tee-shirt on. I'm sitting on one of the bed and letting the customer browse. And then i see it.... My arms are jiggling!!!

I used to be the one with skinny arms and legs... Now, i've never been skinny... but i always carry my weight around the middle... You know what i'm talking about... a spare tire....

Well, apparently now my arms are finally catching up to my middle... and i said - "THAT'S IT!" I'm done being big... no having any clothes that fit... not caring what i look like or how i feel. I said this was going to be the year to get healthy. it's now July and i'm worse now then i was when i made that goal. so, here it goes. This week.. I've got three weeks with no husband and no kids... so i should have plenty of time to work out, to fix healthy snacks... not processed foods. We'll see in three weeks what i can do. I need to loose 65lbs. In three weeks i should be able to loose the first 10. Right? anyone wanna challenge me?