Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Shower

My sister, Stephanie, threw me a baby shower this past weekend. I'm only 7 months pregnant. So, this was a little early. But, we wanted to do it before everyone got busy with the holidays. And that way whatever i didn't get at the shower, i could ask Santa for. :)
The shower turned out really well. Mom and Steph did a great job with it! We had a boy onesie theme. The invites were adorable. Instead of playing all the stupid baby shower games, we decorated onesies and ate. it was a lot of fun. here are some of the pics i took of all the decor.
This is them decorating the onesie cookies. they made blue and brown frosting that matched the colors of the party. she even got the little round balls to look like that snaps on the bottom of the onesie. i wish i had some close ups of it. super cute!

She took the time to make fry boxes as the thank you gift. She stamped thank you on all of them and put a little onesie decal on the front. Then she filled them with Hershey kisses. she even got the cookies and cream ones that had the silver and blue wrappers. I don't know how long it took her to make these, but WOW!

This was the table scape. I absolutely love it. We made the tissue paper balls from the pattern on martha stewart's blog. They turned out really cute. I took some close ups of the different things at the table so you could get a better idea of how detailed she is.

Water bottles with personalized labels. I loved this idea. Its says baby. and it has the same onesie decal on it! too cute!

this is a fruit dip that i made. it so easy to make but it's totally to die for! of course the only nutritional part of the whole thing is the fruit that you dip into it. lol
i'll have to post the recipe soon.

i also made angel food cake to go with the fruit dip. it's incredible!

Look at these meatballs! The individual tooth picks all have the onesie decal on it. Stephanie is so smart. they look fabulous!
This was my favorite part of the food. different cheeses on a platter. i'm not a huge cheese connoisseur, but i love to try different types. i actually went with all mild cheese. And nothing too outrageous. It was a lot of fun. I got some great pics of some of the ladies trying the different cheeses, and the looks on their faces. i think they may stick with cheddar. lol
even here she had the little tags with the kind of cheese. way to pull it all together steph.
Mom and Steph (well, actually i think it was dad) set up a crib to put the gifts in. I thought that was a great idea. way better then just a table. super cute idea. made it look more festive. and part of the decorations. Love it!
They strung a clothes line across the whole room with the onesies. They started the nite plain. but as everyone decorated them, they hung them back up looking even cuter. i wish i had some pics of the finished product. but, you'll have to take my word for it. way cute. We had just found different clipart online, and made up some sayings to go with them, then just printed it out on transfer paper. We ironed them on the onesies. We had a few decals that Steph had gotten at Hobby Lobby. And she had also picked up some fabric markers. Way fun, and much better then all the boring Baby shower games! (no offense to anyone out there!)
Overall, the party turned out great. i hope everyone had a good time. I did anyway. it was nice to just socialize with everyone, and Steph and mom did a fabulous job with the planning and decorating. It was the baby shower of the century!
Thank you.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a Halloween party at my mom and dad's house this year. we invited a few families from the ward over. It turned out well. we expected to get rained out, but mom's prayers were answered and it ended up being a perfect evening for an outdoor party.
Stephanie and i had a good time making some signs for the decorations.

The boys looked so cute in their costumes. They wouldn't tell anyone what they were going to be so that grandma and grandpa would be surprised and say "who are those boys? i don't recognize them". They even said during their prayers the week before, "Please bless that grandma and grandpa will be surprised by our costumes, and maybe even be scared" Ahhh the innocence of children"

I even talked Sean into dressing up for the party. We both got hair cuts just for our costumes. I even dyed my hair for it.

If you've ever seen NCIS... you should recognize my costume. Abby is my favorite character. i wish i had gotten some better pics of it. i had the mini skirt, the striped tights and the combat boots to match. Sean... can you guess what he is??? i'll give you a clue... " I pitty the fool, I pitty the fool"

That's right... a white Mr. T

He looked great. Mohawk and all... though you can't tell from the picture...

I did have to steal his overalls after the party and wear them... can i just tell you how comfy overalls are when you are pregnant...