Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Horrible Discovery

I've made a horrible discovery! I think i have posted more about random shoes then i have about my hubby and kids! and i'm not even a shoe person. I was shocked to realize that my sister actually has posted more pictures of my kids then i have. I then realized that i must be a horrible mother. I love my children. and my husband. but, i guess they are around all the time and don't think to post pictures of them. so, my new goal is to do more stories of my kids. They are so cute and say the darnest things... i really should be recording those things...
so, here it goes...

These are pics of Taison and Daimon giving themselves a foot spa. They love the bubbling water, and the homemade foot scrub. Their dad hates when they do girly stuff like this. i think it's cute!

This is a pic of the boys playing with fireworks on the 4th of July. They inherited the pyro tendencies from their dad. They love playing with fire. you would think that with all of the burns that Daimon has had ... he would be afraid. but, on the contrary,he loves it...

This is a pic of Sean and all of his fireworks. you can't tell from the picture, but the table beside him is full of fireworks! we had a great time shooting them off this year!
This is a picture of some of our tomatoes growing in our garden. i love how the top ones turn red first, then get less ripe as you go down the vine. i thought it would make for a pretty cool picture.

This is a picture of Taison holding all the tomatoes that we just picked out of the garden. He looks scared cause he is. He is afraid that the juice from the tomatoes will stain his shirt... He makes messes often and has ruined all of his shirts. so we had a conversation with him just previous to when this picture was taken that he needs to be more careful and to stop staining all of his shirts. So, i think he thinks he's going to get into trouble!!!
Okay, so that is a start to my goal in posting more pictures, hopefully more often. I just got a new camera, so now i'll have an good excuse to use it all the time!