Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Wednesday

I think Wednesday's are my day to be irritated. Because here it is, another Wednesday evening.... at work.... another customer late. what is it with people???
But, you know what is really irritating me. Insurance! Come on Alice, i know you can agree with me.
My kids have health insurance, but my husband and i don't. When i try to find out information on line, or get a quote for how much it will be, the websites take me through a 10 page application wanting to know everything, just have someone call me with a quote... I don't want anyone calling me! i want the quote over the Internet. isn't that what the Internet is for... so i don't have to deal with sales people! especially insurance salesmen. YIKES! (i can say that cause i was an insurance salesmen at one point)
I just want to make it easy... just tell what to pay, and you cover my medical. i didn't think it had to be such a big deal... but here it is 6 months later, and i still don't have insurance. I think i might just give up. LOL

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taison's Birthday

My son Taison just turned six. He wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. So I called every place i could think of for a TMNT cake. Walmart, Krogers, etc... it's all be discontinued. I called Party City - all decorations discontinued...
What is a girl to do????
So - luckily a lady in our ward happened to have a TMNT cake shape pan. I'll take it!
but, then i realized.... I have to decorate this thing...
So, i spent Friday nite decorating... WOW hours and hours later... it turned out well. Well, at least for a first time decorator...
So, between Taison coloring pics of pizza's and TMNT and putting them up all over the house, and green streamers... we had what we considered a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party!