Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So... Let's do a follow up...

Last summer i bought a pair of Teva sandals. $40 bucks. great price, but it was the most expensive pair of shoes i've ever bought in my life. And my hubby hates them. (of course i wear them all the time anyway)

Here it is, summer again.... and i'm in desperate need of a pair of sneakers. My current sketchers have seen their last days... So, i splurged and bought a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes. ME... the one who cringes at buying $20 shoes at Walmart...

I shopped around a got a great price. They are the most comfortable shoe i have ever put on...

And - Sean actually likes them. Amazing!

Merrell. Elephant Pink. Siren Sport
They are perfect.

I of course had the same issue as last time, where they didn't have my size and i had to wait for him to order them in. Sean went and picked them up today as a surprise. He even stopped and got a pair of socks for me so that i could take off the Teva's and put these new ones on right away.
Yeah for new shoes!!!

For the price i paid, they better last me 5 years!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you!!!

If you haven't noticed... my blog has gotten a nose job!
Okay, well a face lift anyway...
My absolute favorite part about it is the new Title for the blog.
Now, before you go and say, "good job Kristie, i knew you were creative....."

I have to thank my dear old friend Ursula!
She changed everything for me and created the coolest title for the blog.
I have always loved that saying... so it just works so well for the blog.
I gave her complete creativity freedom and she did a great job.
So i just wanted to say thank you so much!!!! you are fabulous Urs!