Friday, January 16, 2009


WOW, it's been a lot longer then i thought. I have been really busy with life lately. Here's what's happened.
So my goal in life was to own my own home before i was 30 years old. I will be turning 30 in Feb. Sean and i were able to buy our first house in November. We are so excited about it. the house is 12 years old. In a really cute neighborhood. the house is really small, but really cute. we spent weeks painting and puting up moldings. We are finally moved in. We were so happy. We assumed when our taxes came back this year, we would put some money in savings, put in hardwood floors, and get a new TV. However - last week while it was pouring rain for days... i saw a wet spot on the ceiling in the main room of our house. by the front door. So, Sean went up to the attic to see if he could see any leaks, or where it was coming from. He couldn't find anything wet up there. However, on his way back down, he stepped on a board that was not screwed in and his whole foot went through the ceiling!!! So, not only do i have a leaking roof, but i now have a huge hole in the ceiling. We've covered it with a towel for now until we can get it fixed. (hopefully, this week) the bad part is that my ceiling has popcorn texturing, so i'm not sure if we will be able to match the patch with the rest of the ceiling. And since it's in the main room in the house, we can't really hide it. so we are really hoping that we won't have to scrape the whole ceiling texture off and start over so that it can match. We'll see though.
So by this point we we not happy with the way things are turning out. Then we got out electric bill. Now, mind you that our house is small, only about 1100 sq feet. And that we keep our heat about about 65. and that's only when someone is home. Well, our bill was $500!!!!!! I about passed out. I assumed $100 maybe $200 but seriously $500 is rediculous. So, looking into we think our emergency heat has been on all month... We purchased a new thermostat hopeing that would do the trick. We can't figure out how to install it. And a guy at church said that it might not be the thermostat at all, it might be the actual unit. So, today the heat and air guy is coming out. Just to tell us what is wrong will be close to a $100. then whatever is wrong - we'll have to pay more money i'm sure. SO... long story short. We were so excited about the perfect house and here we are buying a lemon. lol. Needless to say we will not be purchasing a TV with our tax returns. Probably not even puting in hardwood floors. Hopefully we can get some money into savings though since buisness has been hurting really bad. I'd hate to not be able to pay our morgage, now that we've finally been about to get a house.
Don't you love the life of being a homeowner. I guess grass is always greener on the other side!