Friday, May 21, 2010

chalkboard tags

My boys got me a "grow herbs yourself" kit for mothers day. (even though they grow out in the garden... i thought it was a fabulous gift.)
Well, they helped me plant the seeds and water them. And they have sprouted. I thought they looked so cute sprouted in their clay pots. But, then I see the little tag in the dirt that says what they are.... and thought it was such an eye sore.
So, i thought, " oh how cute it would be if i wrote on the pots with chalk what it is... that way i can erase it when its done and replant something else in it..."
Then, i took it one step further and thought i could actually use my chalkboard paint and make alittle square on the clay pot itself and write on that! how adorable!!!
So, i had a plan and they were going to be so cute!

I made it way too hard on myself. I'm too cheap to buy what i really need for a project, so i improvise and make it harder then it has to be... Maybe thats why i always say that i'm not a crafty person. lol
Well, the chalkboard paint i happen to already have was in a spray can. so instead of getting a bottle of stuff i could paint with a brush... i taped off a square area on each of the pots and sprayed away.


the tape wouldn't really stick cause the clay pots were so damp. so, the paint got underneath some of the tape where it was coming off... Then, the spray got all over everywhere. not just the square, or the tape around the square... but, the table i was doing it on. the other pots that i wasn't currently painting, all over my hubby's hands ( he was trying to help by covering the actual plants so they wouldn't get sprayed and die)

Needless to say this project was a lot more difficult then it should've been had I had just gone to the store and got a bottle of the paint i could use a brush with...

Oh well... now i know...
and they didn't turn out too too bad. as long as you don't look close.
hopefully now i can print really cute on there the names of the herbs. I'll take a pic after i've labeled them and update this post....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Office/Guest Room turned into Baby's Room

My house is little. We really need a house about twice this size. but, It's ours.... so, i love it anyway. However, before the baby was born we had to change the guest room/ office into a bedroom for the baby.

The walls were a dark hunter green. The furniture I had for the room is white. So I decided to repaint the walls a lite brown color, and stick with the white furniture.

I wish i had some pictures of what it was like before we starting painting and you could see how crowded that room was .... we had things stuffed every where. We moved the computer stuff in my bedroom (even though its not working. I never understood that. Why have the computer hooked up, wasting electricity, and the computer doesn't even work. not to mention paying for Internet service which we can't use right now.... but that's a whole other story...)

So, I painted the walls and rearranged the furniture. It still serves as a guest room. it just also is Baby Jai's room too. The biggest problem i have now is that there are no decorations in the room at all. Nothing on the walls... i just don't know what i want. Maybe a little white shelf? Maybe a few framed pictures? any suggestions?

Spring Summer Blocks

Okay, so I got my Cricut! It's a Cricut Expressions. I need to play with it more to see what it can really do... but, I'm getting pretty good at cutting out letters for our vinyl signs. LOL
I wanted to post pictures for the final project on my blocks. Instead of just doing Spring blocks, I decided to utilize the back side of the blocks to and make a summer one. So one side says Spring and is in spring colors, the other side says Summer and is in summer colors...
If i were to do it over again. i would have used coordinating paper on both sides. That way my embellishments could hang over the sides and tops and not clash with the other side....
I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out though.
They were super easy.

step 1: cut the wood blocks to different sizes (you can really use any scrap wood you have. I think mine is about 1inch thick. but they are all different widths, cause i used scraps)

step 2: sand down the blocks

step 3: stain the wood blocks. (my mom did some and she painted the blocks a antique white instead and it looked good that way too!)

step 4: trace the block sizes on the the paper.

step 5: Cut out the letters in coordinating colors to the paper you chose.

step 6: MODGE PODGE. I modge podged the paper on. then when it was dry I did a top coat, and laid the letters down. When it was dry I did a coat over the whole thing.

step 7: Embellish!

See - easy peasy!
Good project for those who want simple decor that can be used for numerous seasons.


I know you've seen the Lunesta commercials showing the uncomfortable tossing and turning all nite. waking up exhausted, because you can't sleep. Then - in comes this Sparking Lunar Moth that just flits around. And all of sudden you are fast asleep in a peaceful good nites rest...

Well, the other day at work what did I see??? A lunar moth. it came and sat down next to me.

It was awesome.

Does that mean that I sleep too much? or that i need to get more sleep?

Um. I'll have to think about that one...


The Middle

Have you ever seen the TV sitcom, The Middle? if not, you should watch it. atleast one time. I think its pretty funny. Well, the son, Brick, has few personality quirks. One of them is repeating himself under his breath, and saying to himself "I'm Lying"

Well, Daimon, I think, looks a lot like him. I guess several of the teachers in school also think he looks like got Daimon to do a scene of his...

This is the video... And yes, that's me laughing in the back ground.

Enjoy :) its not a funny video if you have not seen the show...

Thursday, May 6, 2010


He is starting to giggle. He is smiling like crazy. Especially at his Dad and brothers. I think they will have a special bond! (called sports lol)

Everytime I get the camera out he stops smiling though... oh well. soon i'm sure i'll get some good ones... but, here is one until then.

He is getting so big.