Friday, May 21, 2010

chalkboard tags

My boys got me a "grow herbs yourself" kit for mothers day. (even though they grow out in the garden... i thought it was a fabulous gift.)
Well, they helped me plant the seeds and water them. And they have sprouted. I thought they looked so cute sprouted in their clay pots. But, then I see the little tag in the dirt that says what they are.... and thought it was such an eye sore.
So, i thought, " oh how cute it would be if i wrote on the pots with chalk what it is... that way i can erase it when its done and replant something else in it..."
Then, i took it one step further and thought i could actually use my chalkboard paint and make alittle square on the clay pot itself and write on that! how adorable!!!
So, i had a plan and they were going to be so cute!

I made it way too hard on myself. I'm too cheap to buy what i really need for a project, so i improvise and make it harder then it has to be... Maybe thats why i always say that i'm not a crafty person. lol
Well, the chalkboard paint i happen to already have was in a spray can. so instead of getting a bottle of stuff i could paint with a brush... i taped off a square area on each of the pots and sprayed away.


the tape wouldn't really stick cause the clay pots were so damp. so, the paint got underneath some of the tape where it was coming off... Then, the spray got all over everywhere. not just the square, or the tape around the square... but, the table i was doing it on. the other pots that i wasn't currently painting, all over my hubby's hands ( he was trying to help by covering the actual plants so they wouldn't get sprayed and die)

Needless to say this project was a lot more difficult then it should've been had I had just gone to the store and got a bottle of the paint i could use a brush with...

Oh well... now i know...
and they didn't turn out too too bad. as long as you don't look close.
hopefully now i can print really cute on there the names of the herbs. I'll take a pic after i've labeled them and update this post....


Ursala, Patrick and Gabriel said...

You are so crafty! I love your seasonal blocks...and the baby's room is cute...and I REALLY like the chalkboard paint idea on the flower pots. You wanna come do my house? :)

Oh...and you don't need me to do your looks GREAT!

Anonymous said...

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