Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Summer Blocks

Okay, so I got my Cricut! It's a Cricut Expressions. I need to play with it more to see what it can really do... but, I'm getting pretty good at cutting out letters for our vinyl signs. LOL
I wanted to post pictures for the final project on my blocks. Instead of just doing Spring blocks, I decided to utilize the back side of the blocks to and make a summer one. So one side says Spring and is in spring colors, the other side says Summer and is in summer colors...
If i were to do it over again. i would have used coordinating paper on both sides. That way my embellishments could hang over the sides and tops and not clash with the other side....
I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out though.
They were super easy.

step 1: cut the wood blocks to different sizes (you can really use any scrap wood you have. I think mine is about 1inch thick. but they are all different widths, cause i used scraps)

step 2: sand down the blocks

step 3: stain the wood blocks. (my mom did some and she painted the blocks a antique white instead and it looked good that way too!)

step 4: trace the block sizes on the the paper.

step 5: Cut out the letters in coordinating colors to the paper you chose.

step 6: MODGE PODGE. I modge podged the paper on. then when it was dry I did a top coat, and laid the letters down. When it was dry I did a coat over the whole thing.

step 7: Embellish!

See - easy peasy!
Good project for those who want simple decor that can be used for numerous seasons.


Rochelle said...

Love it! Congrats on a cricut!