Thursday, April 23, 2009

My New Baby

As most of you have heard, my car wrecked itself in the fall last year. :)

Since then we have been driving my parents extra car. Well, since all 4 of my brothers are in school, and it's now summer time.... and none of the smart college goers have a vehicle.... they want the car back for their adventures this summer. SO... that means that Kristie and Sean get stuck buying a new car. It took one day. (I hate car shopping!!) They quoted us a great price way under blue book for the car so we jumped on it. I love having a momma's car.

With in just a few months i've grown up. I have a house with a morgage payment. (which i still need to post pics of) and a mini-van. WOW. That completes my short term goal list... now on to bigger ones!
Now, if anyone knows how to get an extra $300 a month - i'll be set!