Thursday, April 23, 2009

My New Baby

As most of you have heard, my car wrecked itself in the fall last year. :)

Since then we have been driving my parents extra car. Well, since all 4 of my brothers are in school, and it's now summer time.... and none of the smart college goers have a vehicle.... they want the car back for their adventures this summer. SO... that means that Kristie and Sean get stuck buying a new car. It took one day. (I hate car shopping!!) They quoted us a great price way under blue book for the car so we jumped on it. I love having a momma's car.

With in just a few months i've grown up. I have a house with a morgage payment. (which i still need to post pics of) and a mini-van. WOW. That completes my short term goal list... now on to bigger ones!
Now, if anyone knows how to get an extra $300 a month - i'll be set!


Rochelle said...

I've been a minivan owner for 3 whopping years now and I wouldn't trade it for the world! Congrats on getting one! It makes traveling with kids and their friends soooo fun!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Hadn't heard....So happy for are now complete with that step, daughter....but you know it will be another boy!

Anonymous said...

I resist the minivan until the # of children require it!

Lindsey Rose said...

You know youve made it when you have a mini-van! I love it! I will nevre give mine up now that I have one.