Thursday, May 28, 2009

Change is in the Air

Ican feel it. it's a change of the season. Kids are out of school. it's light late now, everyone is spring cleaning etc... I am someone who actually likes change. it keeps things fun, exciting, and on your toes...I think that's why i can't really stay in one place for very long. If i stay in the same town, we atleast move into a new house every year. now that i own my house, i think i might have to just change the furniture and decor out. But, change is good. I need change right now. I a lot of different areas. We made some major changes at work, so hopefully that will change our financial status. Because of the changes at work, i need to change how i do a few things at my house. (when laundry needs to get done. when, and how we are going to cook dinners etc...) I don't think i really need to change my priorities, but maybe how I go about doing those priorities...
so let's list them:
change of home (a few months ago)
change of car
changes at job
changes in schedule
i really wish they would change my calling at church, but that's a whole other post...
my goal is to change my diet which would in turn change my weight and my health.

now, i'm thinking i need to change my appearance a bit.

So this is a current pic of me. Just took it a few hrs ago... and i need a change! So, i'm writing this to get some opinions... Besides, liposuction, electrolysis, and a boob job what can i change? I don't want anything really dramatic.... but, i want something different. my hair is all one length and really think and wavy. It is really frizzy in the summer because of the humidity. I was thinking maybe just a trim and some highlights? what about make-up. maybe i should just do something totally different with that instead of my hair? if you ask my husband he would say i need a change of wardrobe. However, we don't really have the money to do that... but, my hair and make-up... i could do that... so, my challenge to all of you (pathetic ones) who actually read this blog... what should i change???
maybe i'll do a before and after pic.... we'll see!


Rochelle said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR! Always have, but this pic is especially awesome. However, that being said...I chopped my hair two years ago and now its a chin length A line bob and I LOVE IT. Not saying you want to go that short, but it is VERY easy to maintain. Just some food for thought about going short.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Do it...chop the hair!!! It's's time.

Rachel and John said...

I think that you are beautiful as is! But if you are in the market for a change...I am a cosmetologist...and by far my favorite short haircut is the diagonal forward (aka A-line) It is adorable! I dont know what kind of makeup that you use currently...but my favorite is Physicians Formula Mineral Powder! It is great! Like those expensive "bare minerals" but affordable! Love that stuff! By the way I totally didnt mean to sound like im all that and a bag of chips by saying that im a has just been such a long time since Ive been able to give advice to someone. Because when people see the over-tired, pony tailed house wife with no makeup on...I pretty sure that they arent thinkin' "Hey...I bet that lady does hair and makeup as a profession! Ha Ha...sad...but true! But I wouldnt change the twinners for the world! Hope all is well with you guys. And I stand firm, that you are geougeous no matter what! Miss ya! *Rach

Jen said...

pathetic? I am now pathetic because I love you!
Change your hair and makeup. If you are gonna do it, go for it all. I know, cause I love change too.

Ursala, Patrick and Gabriel said...

Your hair looks gorgeous...but I'm all for spicing things up (remember how I used to cut and dye my hair all the time ?)

If you cut it don't go with the safe "a-line bob" cut. You have such a beautiful face...beautiful something fun, funky, short...low-maintenance...that will accentuate your great features...and then highlight it!