Thursday, May 28, 2009

Change is in the Air

Ican feel it. it's a change of the season. Kids are out of school. it's light late now, everyone is spring cleaning etc... I am someone who actually likes change. it keeps things fun, exciting, and on your toes...I think that's why i can't really stay in one place for very long. If i stay in the same town, we atleast move into a new house every year. now that i own my house, i think i might have to just change the furniture and decor out. But, change is good. I need change right now. I a lot of different areas. We made some major changes at work, so hopefully that will change our financial status. Because of the changes at work, i need to change how i do a few things at my house. (when laundry needs to get done. when, and how we are going to cook dinners etc...) I don't think i really need to change my priorities, but maybe how I go about doing those priorities...
so let's list them:
change of home (a few months ago)
change of car
changes at job
changes in schedule
i really wish they would change my calling at church, but that's a whole other post...
my goal is to change my diet which would in turn change my weight and my health.

now, i'm thinking i need to change my appearance a bit.

So this is a current pic of me. Just took it a few hrs ago... and i need a change! So, i'm writing this to get some opinions... Besides, liposuction, electrolysis, and a boob job what can i change? I don't want anything really dramatic.... but, i want something different. my hair is all one length and really think and wavy. It is really frizzy in the summer because of the humidity. I was thinking maybe just a trim and some highlights? what about make-up. maybe i should just do something totally different with that instead of my hair? if you ask my husband he would say i need a change of wardrobe. However, we don't really have the money to do that... but, my hair and make-up... i could do that... so, my challenge to all of you (pathetic ones) who actually read this blog... what should i change???
maybe i'll do a before and after pic.... we'll see!