Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why am i Blogging?

Since Blogging is the "in" thing to do, I've been peer pressured into starting my own. I actually have had this set up for sometime, just have never posted anything.
My life is very simple. What would I have to write about? Why bore people with the daily insignificant things. Who would actually want to read this?
Then I remembered... This isn't just for everyone else to read. It's for me to vocalize my private opinions, thoughts, and feelings. (even though everyone in the world will have access to read them)
It will be good for me to start writing again. I kept a journal back in the day... I even had an online diary i kept for awhile. Though i think this will be a little less revealing and a little more.... probably boring...
Maybe it will be fun. It will at the very least give me something to do...
and now, I can fit in with the "IN" crowd. :)