Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why am i Blogging?

Since Blogging is the "in" thing to do, I've been peer pressured into starting my own. I actually have had this set up for sometime, just have never posted anything.
My life is very simple. What would I have to write about? Why bore people with the daily insignificant things. Who would actually want to read this?
Then I remembered... This isn't just for everyone else to read. It's for me to vocalize my private opinions, thoughts, and feelings. (even though everyone in the world will have access to read them)
It will be good for me to start writing again. I kept a journal back in the day... I even had an online diary i kept for awhile. Though i think this will be a little less revealing and a little more.... probably boring...
Maybe it will be fun. It will at the very least give me something to do...
and now, I can fit in with the "IN" crowd. :)


Ader Family said...

Glad you've joined the blogging world. :)

Sheila said...

Surfing from Alice's [I'm So Funny]blog, I found yours in her Blogs Just Found section.(I'm in there too) I love journals and I do it great for awhile then I don't. But I started blogging thinking it would be a way for my kids to learn about me (like a journal) if something happened to me. I have done well for six months so it's working. I think you will enjoy it.
Recently I just realized that it is a great way to find bloggy friends... that you may not otherwise have met. Good Luck in your blogging endeavor. toodles, Sheila

Alice Wills Gold said...

Welcome to our cool world! Look at that Sheila has found you...I love her.

I can't wait to read your stuff...try not to bore me too much. But, even if you do, I'll still read you just because you have decided to join our "in" crowd! :)