Saturday, July 3, 2010

my first link party

i just linked to my very first link party... big step for me in the blog world...
to check it out, click on my very first button....
( i think... man there is a lot to learn in this whole blog world thing...)

Flag Decor

I so wish I had time to make this today! It is so cute and would look so good with my table decor for tomorrow. I'm so impressed Jamara. you are so crafty.

Oh well, there is always next year.

"I'm bored!"

If you have kids like mine, by now all you are hearing is: I'm Bored! There's nothing to do..."
So, i thought i'd try out a list. (i'm a list freak. i make lists for everything)

I made it very simple. that way they could decorate it if they wanted to. (of course they didn't want to)
Then i laminated it so they can check off with a dry erase marker what they've done so far.
Then, everytime they are bored, they can look at their list and see something that they wanted to do this summer, and do it!
I'm not sure if it's going to work or not, but for now, it's keeping them occupied!

Friday, July 2, 2010

In My Next 30 Years

When i Turned 30 (wait, what? i'm still 29!) I had a bit of nastalgia. Looking back seeing what i've accomplished in my life... and what i want to accomplish in my next 30 years.
A friend of mine is turning 30 so i made this little book for her.

On the inside i copied the words to the song "in my next 30 years"
Then just left blank paper.
This is where she can write her "bucket list" all the goals that she wants to accomplish. all the things she wants to do and see.

If someone only made me one of those... i might of done something more exciting with my life... well, probably not...

Silverware caddy

I've always wanted a silverware caddy. You know, one of those things you use to put silverware in when you are having a BBQ or outdoor party. or a get together...
well, I have enough parties to justify the cost of one, but i just can't find the right one.
Well, for the 4th of July i'm having a get together with my family, and i needed something for the silverware... not to mention something patriotic for the table. so, this is what i came up with.

I used Mason jars that i have for my canning. I had some scraps of red ribbon, an old pair of jeans, and some burlap left over....
Not bad for a free silverware caddy!!!