Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Fever

I've got it bad! This week has been spring in East Tennessee. We've seen highs in the upper 60's all week. And I've got spring fever bad. The birds all around the neighborhood are twitterpated. We sit on the porch and watch how funny they are. And obnoxious. Today I opened every window in the house and enjoyed the warm fresh breeze. (well, not breeze - Wind. we have a storm coming in. ) We have tulips and daffodils coming up outside. There are buds on the trees and bushes. Sean and I walked around the yard today planning. Which bushes and flowers needed moved, how we were going to put the beds. Where and what we wanted to plant. It was so exciting. I've never been able to do that before. Sean and I both like doing yard work/or at least having a nice yard. So, this will be the first year we can do it. This is definitely a benefit of having our own home.

Speaking of which... i last left off with my lemon of a house... Here is the update. The hole in the ceiling is almost finished. Just need the texture. The heating problem has been solved, we just need to get a heat pump. (which is going to be a few grand, but at least we won't have a huge electric bill every month). Sean's parents are coming in to town in May, so our goal is to have everything finished by then. Hopefully we'll have enough money after the heat pump to get flooring in. The fence for the back yard will have to wait until next year. I'm going to post picture soon so everyone can see the progress on the house. Maybe I'll like my lemon after all! :)
Happy Spring Everyone!