Monday, March 16, 2009

Sick of being Sick

So, the last week of February, Taison started to not feel very well. He had a fever and a little congestion... So we kept him home from school. The following two weeks were extremely long in my house. Taison went from not being very sick to extremely sick. He tested positive for the flu. Gave him Tylenol and Motrin for his fever, and some flu meds to help with the symptoms. A week later, he still was sick. His fevers were getting higher and more frequent instead of better. Then he started throwing up his meds and even water. Finally, when his fever reached 106 we took him to the emergency room. he spent the day on an IV to rehydrate him, and to get his fever back down. They ran test after test, Xrays... the works! NOTHING. there is nothing wrong with him. He didn't have an infection, and there is nothing they could do for him! Can you imagine how upset i was with that. The kid (6 yrs old) has a fever of 106 and there is nothing they can do. Meantime - Daimon (5 yrs old) is just as miserable. He has a fever too, and just as weak and tired as his brother. Sean is also feeling like crap. We just assumed those two had the flu since that's what Taison had and they were the same symptoms. Anyway - two days later - Taison has no improvement! fever still of 104 and now discharge coming out of his ear. I was at the point where i told Sean it was probably his brain melting and coming out of his ears since it's been really high fever for a constant two weeks. we took him back to the dr... Ran more tests... He had a ruptured ear drum! (i guess it wasn't brains coming out of his ears) and lots of wheezing in his chest. so, the dr put him on antibiotics and an inibulizer for breathing treatments. Daimon had strep throat and an ear infection. Sean had strep. Now, a week later... Taison is so much better! He doesn't have a fever anymore. He is still really weak. but he is eating and drinking better. (except for yesterday when he was throwing up everywhere) I can't believe it took almost 3 weeks to get a handle on the flu/ear infection etc.... the poor kid has missed so much school. now they are on spring break, and he will have to spend most of the time catching up with school work. luckily he's just in 1st grade and he is smart. so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Sean and Daimon are doing tons better too. It's nice to have the family back to normal. now i'm just praying i won't have a turn.


Rachel and John said... way! I stumbled upon your blog through Rachel Kellers blog! What a crazy world! I swear Im not a crazy person...we used to live in the "burgh" together! My maiden name is Combs! How are you? I would love to catch up with you!
My hub and I have twin girls... feel free to check out our blog! Hope all is well with you :D

Anonymous said...

So how did the not getting sick work out for you? I hope you are all well.