Friday, March 6, 2009

The Opera

So, for my birthday Sean bought me tickets to go see Rigoletto. It's an opera that I've been wanting to see forever. I had never been to an opera and have always wanted to go. So Valentines Day weekend we went out to the beautiful restaurant and had the most awesome seafood. Then we went to the Knoxville's Tennessee theatre. It's an old original theatre that they've restored. it's magnificent. Gorgeous details all original moldings and art pieces. And there isn't a bad seat in there. We had perfect seats. And the opera was Fantastic. The main girl was beautiful... and everyone had beautiful voices. Everything was great. It is an experience I'll never forget. Do you think i remembered to take any pictures.... of course not. not even any of Sean and I all dressed up... Oh well.


Ursala, Patrick and Gabriel said...

hey girlie...did you get my email??? Email me at

erin said...

Daniel and I never remember to take pictures of ourselves either. I'm glad you guys had a good time. I hope I get to go next year!

rachel said...

Sounds wonderful! Happy birthday, a bit belated, but I am so glad you had a great celebration!