Monday, June 28, 2010

Silly Bands

Silly Bands, Silly Bands, Who's Got the Silly Bands???

My kids are obsessed with them. I hope they aren't the only ones. (I doubt they are though since just about every kid i see has them lined up their arms)

My kids just got a few more of them with their own money this weekend.

They decided to be nice and share with their little brother. He didn't seem to care about them either way. (though, he's only 4 months so i wasn't expecting a huge response to it. lol)

But, here they are, posing together showing the camera their bands!!!

Does that mean i'm a part of the "in crowd" since they gave me the "dumb girly ones" to wear????


Anonymous said...

cute !

Donna said...

Your boys are SO HANDSOME! I could eat them up! Jada is obessed with those too. She has to where them everywhere. The best 5 dollars ever!