Friday, June 4, 2010


So, I made some coasters. I realized i needed some when i saw rings in the wood of my nightstands. All the humidity in the air makes the cups sweat, which makes a circle in my wood... Hence the reason i needed some coasters. I'm too cheap to buy any. So... this is what i did...

I had a few old tiles from Lowes. They were about 10 cents a piece. I hot glued some felt circles on the back. I had some left over from when we got hardwood floors and I had to put it on all our furniture...if you don't have these, you could always make your own felt pads with some material scraps.

I used some material scraps and traced the tile.

Then I mod podged the tile. Laid the material down, waited for it to dry a little then mod podged over the top. I actually did several coats on the top.

They turned out really well. They work great. and it didn't cost me hardly anything to do. you could take it a step further and make your coasters match your bed covers or curtains... but, like i said ... i'm too cheap and just used whatever scraps i had. I'm sure you could also do some embellishments too, but i'm going with the simple, user friendly coasters. besides. i have to talk the boys in my house into using them. do you think i'd be able to do that if the coasters were covered in bows and flowers??? LOL


Alice Wills Gold said...

so so darling. you are so crafty.

you need to add jaison on the blog.

Rochelle said...

WAAAAY cute! I think your blog is going Crafty! Which is cool, cuz that seems to be the style I'm always reading lately. :)

Kristie said...

I don't mean for my blog to be all about crafts... its just the only thing i do that is not the daily grind of working, sleeping, eating, cleaning... LOL