Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Present

This is my version of this Father's Day present.
I showed that site to Christina, my bro's girlfriend, and we decided to do it our own way.

I actually wanted a round one. (like a small hat box) but i couldn't find one anywhere. (there isn't a craft store around me...) But this one worked fine.

We used sand paper to rough up the outside. Then i modge podged the paper around the container. Christina and I used my cricut to make the letters. One side says Nuts. and the other side says Shells. (this is the part that would've looked better had the container been round.) Then I modge podged over top of it all.

For the lid I used sand paper, then actually spray painted it first before adding the paper. That way the edges would match instead of the green it was.

On the inside i just cut some cardboard to make the separation. Then i modge podged the matching paper on it for good measure...
I just used glue dots to secure it down and keep it in place. That' was totally Christina's idea and it worked great!

it didn't turn out like i wanted, but it works for the purpose it holds...

Good thing my dad isn't too picky!