Monday, September 14, 2009

Updates to the House

So... my new favorite brother-in-law, Randy, came down from Chicago last week. He volunteered to help Sean put new floors in the house. So, instead of a vacation, enjoying his time, he got to work. And he has worked the whole time he has been here. No wonder he is in a hurry to head back home. LOL

These are some "before "pictures...

After a week of hardwork.. (from them, not me) This is the final result!

The guys ran into a few problems along the way, but they kicked butt. My house is so much cleaner. It seems so much bigger... I absolutely love it! It feels like a new house!
Notice the new entertainment center too!
I want to have a house warming party now... :)

Thanks Randy! You are welcome to come over anytime! (next time i won't put you to work!)


Rochelle said...

Love it! So, obviously they found a way around the flooring problems, huh?

erin said...

The floors look great! I need to come over and check them out.

Alice Wills Gold said...

So am I allowed to come over and see your new house now???

They look awesome. And you have the same rug as Lindsey, did you know that?

ensadler said...

Whoa that is awesome! What a difference! Looks great!!!