Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i'm such a copy cat

So, I have these bare walls in my house that need decoration. i don't want to go overboard since i really like simple looks. Plus, my house is too small to have too much stuff on the walls. But, in browsing online i found this easy to do project. It was super cheap and easy. (well, easy for me since mom and steph did most of it for me. LOL)

anyway. so the squares are made, but i'm going to put a couple black and white photos of my kids in the squares

these are the ones i picked: Dave (my personal photographist - okay, my brother too) took the pictures, and i tried to crop them how i think it would look good.

i will probably have Dave play with some of the tints when he comes back into town. The next task is finding a place that will print 10x10 or 12x12 pics. (or at least somewhere that doesn't charge an arm and leg to do it)
I will post some pics of my walls when the projects are done!
hopefully this month it will happen.
Just thought i'd share my project for the month.


Rochelle said...

NICE! That will turn out awesome!

rachel said...

Amazing! I love the idea. Your boys are so gosh darn cute!

Alice Wills Gold said...

loving this project. So darling. And those boys will just make it look even better.

Donna said...

Love it I will copy it too :)