Wednesday, January 12, 2011

End of the Year

so obviously i'm behind on my blogging entries. but, i don't own a computer.
i know, i know... the 21st century and i don't have a computer... but our computer broke a year ago. (it was ancient anyway) and we've never replaced it. I do have access at work, but when you are busy, we don't really get a chance to play online.

So, here i am... first part of January and i haven't talked about Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have been snowed in for 3 days. ( i know, weird in Knoxville. Well, when it snows here, they don't have the man power to get it off the roads. so only the main roads get taken care of.)
So the end of 2010 was fantastic. Jon came in from Idaho to stay for the holidays. It was so nice spending time with him. He comes over and hangs out with the kids, then spends time with the adults having fantastic conversations. In depth and makes us think. It's great having another adult around the house to give a different perspective on life.

Then for Thanksgiving Brian and Christina came into town. And so did Dave and Rachael. Talk about fun. everyone together again. (well, except for Ben who is on his mission in the Dominican Republic.) Steph had her friend David come into town. And our family friend, Heather, was able to come for the weekend as well. There is always so much food around. Everyone is always eating. We have such fantastic variety of food. Something for everyone. Thanksgiving day we ate and ate then played football in the yard with everyone.

If you have ever been around the Ader clan while they have been adults... you are up for some fun. The range of conversations we can have. because everyone has done so many different things and been to so many different places... not to mention the wide variety of things we have studied in school. WOW. It's like getting a brain workout. You will come away with your mind spinning...

Taison and Daimon love when "the uncles" come into town. They spent time in the woods, and in the tree house... they even built a new fort in the woods.

For Christmas Grandma Stuart was able to come into town for a couple weeks... it was fun talking with her and spending time with her. (i'm not sure she had fun, but we had fun with her.) it was a good excuse to go shopping to all the little boutiques and flee markets around town that we don't usually get to go to. Everyone else came back for Christmas too. Tried Para sailing in the park

They played in the woods and made a rope swing.

and of course we went zip lining in the Smoky Mnts.

On Christmas we weren't able to shoot off Rockets like we have done for several years because the weather was too bad. But we ate (Sean made Prime Rib!!!)
and played games inside all day. Not to mention all the presents and fun.

So between the conversations, the baking and eating, and the fun adventures, we had a great holiday.


Rochelle said...

Cute pics! I totally hear ya on not having a computer! I went from Feb to Dec without one...except for Justin's work laptop... It was a pain! I'm so glad santa brought me one for christmas!
Glad your holidays were so fun!