Wednesday, September 15, 2010

County Fair

The Knox County Fair comes around once a year...(duh)
And we go every year.
The fair here is nothing like the ones back west.
At least in both Idaho Falls and Coeur d' Alene
They are way way bigger and better then the one here.
but, we still go.
and we still have a good time.

This year the boys got to milk Elsie The Cow. They each rode a few rides, played a few games and they actually brought home a pet... I don't have pictures of the pet quite yet...
Normally if you bring home a pet from the fair, it's like a gold fish they win at a game... Oh NO. Not this family. We go all out! LOL.
Stay Tuned for more info on Zeke...

Here are just a few pics I snapped while at the fair. I didn't get near as many as i would have liked... but, oh well.