Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My family and I went zipping last sunday... yes... on sunday. My brother, Brian, and his girlfriend, Christina, work as tour guides. My cousin Jesse also works there. So, mid summer i went down with them and went zipping over the tree canopy. It was so much fun. But the rest of my family wanted to go as well. So, sunday we took a trip down to Gatlinburg to enjoy the day as a family. Dave was in town so he was able to go as well. We stopped first at a watering hole. we had a picnic lunch and played in the water. Then we went to the zip line place. It was so much fun. Taison and Daimon were able to strap on with an adult and go as well. Daimon is apparently the littlest one to go ever. so he was excited about that. We had such a good time. Such a rush... And what a beautiful view! You look out right over the Smokey Mountains. Dave took a few pictures of everyone. If you have never been zipping before... you should go! it's worth every dime!