Thursday, April 8, 2010

So THIS is how it's going to be...

we are part way through month 4 this year... and this is my first post. So much for New Year's resolutions. I have all of these great ideas for posts and just don't get to them. My biggest hold up on this one was pictures. I wanted to post pics of baby Jaison. I have a brother who is a photographer... do you think i have any pics yet of my baby? NONE. well, that's not true. A few weeks after Jaison was born, Dave came down and took like 200 pics... He put it on a zip drive for me... do you think i ever remember to grab the zip drive on my way to work? no, of course not. I keep thinking when my life is more organized i can get pictures done... And just when i think that's going to happen.... my computer breaks down, my washing machine breaks... my toilet starts leaking... and work - well, work is a whole other story...

So, i've come to the realization that chaos is my life organized. Organized chaos... as long as i can handle that... I'm set! LOL
So, with no further Adu -

He was due on Feb. 6th. On the 11th I went in for a stress test. I wasn't dilated at all. But, the doctor said that we could induce... Well, of course i said okay! So, I got settled into the hospital. Sean went back to work. I told him i'd call him when things started happening... They started the pitocin about noon that day. The doctor came in shortly there after and broke my water. A few hrs later I got my epidural. And Sean came back in later that evening. My mom and Stephanie came as well. To make a long boring story short... I went from nothing to all the way in a matter of a few mins. And at 10:30pm Jaison Michael was born. He weighed in at a hefty 6 lbs 12 oz. We stayed in the hospital for 2 days. I came home Saturday. Sunday was my day off work... And Monday morning i starting working.... Okay, well... I answered the phones from home. So, not really working... but, still had to deal with work stuff. The following week I went back to work... Short maternity leave. But, that's what i get for having the baby during the busiest time of year.

The pics below are from a few weeks later.

1st Bath!

Look at all those curls!


Rochelle said...

He's a DOLL!!! Congrats! I was wondering when you were due and how things were going!

Jessie said...

He is so beautiful! and you are a tough mom going back to work the first week, you go girl!!! Congrats and you are gonna be in trouble when they all get older, they are gonna be heart throbs!!