Monday, December 14, 2009


So, its December 14th, and i'm just know writing about Thanksgiving. How horrible is that. can you tell that updating my blog has been on my list of stuff to do for a while now? Maybe my New Years Resolution can be updating my blog weekly?!?!?

We've had a great holiday season so far. Before i start writing about Christmas and the things we have been doing ... i want to share a few pics of some crafty projects i did this fall. This first one i actually made last year... but since its the only fall decor i have, i figured i'd share it.

Cute pumpkins huh. Its just fall fabric... stuffed, then some leaves and raffia at the top. Oh and a a stick for the stem. Super easy, and kid friendly.

i'm one of those people that need to have something hanging on my front door. And i didn't have anything for Fall or Thanksgiving... so off to the craft store i went. I actually was just looking for a sign... but couldn't find one that i really liked. so, a craft project began.

i got the letters on sale for .50 cents. and the background board was on clearance. i got it for $2.00. I just modge podged some fall paper on the letters. Inked and sanded the edges... then glued it to the back board which i stained a dark brown. Added a little raffia... and called it good. not bad for $4.00 bucks huh?

I wanted to make one more project.
I just didn't have the time to do it before Thanksgiving was over.

isn't it cute?? it's the only wreath i've seen that i actually like. I found this project here
Cute blog called Inspiring Creations. She does a great job! Guess this is going on my list for next year!