Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeling a little old....

So this past weekend i got the privilege of feeling OLD. HA
Three times in fact.

The first time... My sister and her roommate came into town and i went down town with them to the clubs... We wanted to go dancing so we went to a club that has 2 dance floors... the first being 80's music... then upstairs Hip Hop. Is it bad that i wanted to stay downstairs?? the music was great. Fun dance songs. However, we did go upstairs and stayed there until almost 2 am!!
I got home at 2:30am and had to work the next morning. i am way to old to do that very often.

2nd time I felt old... I am in the Young Women's presidency at church... One of the girls there wanted to "hang out with me" She actually text me and said "Let's get crunk!"
Apparently that is the new term to use... Originally it was "crazy drunk" however, now the termed is used loosely for - go have a good time! How can i be so out of the loop?

The 3rd time that i really felt old is on Sunday. We were driving downtown to watch the fireworks (in Knoxville they have a huge display for Labor Day) We turned the popular radio station on who were MCing the firework display to find out about traffic and a song came on that both of my boys starting singing. They knew every word. They knew who sang it, the lyrics, and even what the guy looked like!!!!! I NEVER heard for it. It was the Jonas Brothers Now granted they know it from listening to him on the Disney Channel.... but still!

Before this weekend i thought i was in the know... apparently i'm just an old mom who isn't really as cool as she thinks.


Ader Family said...

Whatever! You are still a totally cool mom, it's just hard to stay in the know. Shoot - I still don't know any Jonas Brothers songs....

Alice Wills Gold said...

I just really hope that you didn't take the YW up on her crunk offer...that could be VERY VERY bad :)

Anonymous said...

It's about time you realize you are OLD! Just accept and embrace, the "cool" factor is no longer. Once your own baby poops on you it's not cool anymore!
You then reach something better than cool - motherhood and there is nothing greater than that!

Ursala, Patrick and Gabriel said...

You aren't "old." I prefer to say that we have different interests when not being able to keep up with all this youngin' stuff...but I know the feeling. I have an "older" friend who has a 12 yr old daughter who got stood up by her friends the other day. Her mom and I were going to lunch and a movie, and so her mom asked if she wanted to come with us. The daughter lifted her head from her tear-soaked pillow to say, "It's bad enough I got stood up and would be even worse to go hang out with old people." OUCH!

Cheri said...

Well written article.